Wisdom and Books

Over the past several weeks, I've been reading bits out of several different books of knowledge. One is a reconstructed history of the Celtic mythology and belief systems around certain trees-- the holly and the oak, for example. The other books are about shamanism and Native American wisdom-- the wisdom of the First People. I've also been drying rose petals, applying for jobs, wrapping up one internship and starting another, and trying not to let any of this interfere with my school work. After all, I've only got until December to finish my Masters.

-The Wisdom of Trees b Jane Gifford
-Earthborn Wisdom by Susan Wells
-Wisdomkeepers by Steve Wall and Harvey Arden
-Poems by Nancy Wood

I'm taking a course in Children's Literature this summer, and it has afforded me great opportunities to browse the children's sections at my local library. One collection of fairy tales that I stumbled across and love for their Pagan qualities is called Moon Ribbon, by Jane Yolen. It constantly amazes and delights me, how insightful and wise children's books can be. I also highly recommend Twelve Months of Monastery Soups if you want a good seasonal cookbook and love one-pot meals like I do. Whatever else I am, I don't think you could ever accuse me of being a purist.


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