Comfrey Ointment

Wanted to update all my loyal readers (I know, at that stage, I'm dreaming) about my forays into herbal healing. The comfrey ointment I made is a big success. My mom is so happy to have her own little container of it because she was always asking to use some of mine every time I visited. And it is good for so many different things!
  • Sprains, strains and bruises
  • very shallow cuts and scrapes
  • poor circulation
  • bug bites (as a cream, it would be great for poison oak, too, I think)
  • mixed with lavender EO it helps with scarring, too, if you catch it early enough
  • and of course, dry cracked skin
Comfrey itself has gotten a bad rap and is now no longer recommended for internal use, or use on broken skin because of its carcinogen content. So I looked into this, because comfrey was once excellent for healing tea, too. Yeah-- it has the same carcinogen content as a peanut butter sandwich. So I use it in tea, too. It really seems to calm my digestive track quite well, and is very yummy in a green nutritious sort of way.

Next up? Calendula Ointment!
Blessings Be
to You, from Me.

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