Earth Path

For all my lofty goals, I have been sorely disconnected of late. You can see it by the dearth in posts to this blog, and by the dearth in the love and hope that maintain my heart.

Part of this pain, this sadness, I know comes from my deep connection with my friends who are currently in crisis. I'm an empath, I find, and so it makes sense that I often take on the feeling (even the physical pain) of those I feel closest to in daily life. But I've learned that there are ways to help, or to shield myself, that do not leave me as drained and dispairing as they currently are. And I need to set aside time to practice these ways so that I can continue to function, to offer aide, and to move forward on my own path while still walking beside them on theirs.

Balance can be so elusive... And with my own future in chaos, it is even more important to maintain. The constant challenge of the empath is to actually put his or her own needs first. I need sleep. I need time to write, time to be still, time to walk in Nature and sink into her beauty. Without these things (and healthy amounts of water and organic foods), I am living less than I am. I cannot be the person I strive to be for myself, let alone for my friend. And yet, how can I turn away? There is someone suffering before me, asking for my hand to ease the way. It is in my Goddess nature to think first of my community, of the whole circle and its turnings...

But it is not the common thought. It is not the usual way, here in America. With a land full of "me-first" lifestyles, and only a few voices raised in hope of compassionate living (living in tune not just with one's community of people, but with respect for Mother Earth and all her children taken equally into account)... It is not hard to be overwhelmed, to give until only your shell and your critical cynical humor remain. We are needed. Our spirit, our skill at smoothing the way, our love for all people, all plants, trees, animals and Earth. We are needed, and without us, the world would be very bleak indeed. Perhaps it is with this in mind that we must ensure our own health, our own balanced living, and our own movement forward along the path. We must not only assist others, but serve as an example to them. And in this, we find our bliss.

The balance of building with straw, of shaping with simple and recycled goods. The balance of eating well, living well, and walking lightly upon the earth, that great Turtle on whose tired and scarred back we must all so carefully balance, and upon whose great strength and continued movement forward we so dearly depend. It is a day to remember our gifts, to honor the giver, and to be greatful for each tiny new leaf and shoot and bud that proclaim to all seers how beautifully the circle continues to turn. It is Spring. Welcome to the changing times.
Blessings to the Mother who cradles us and keeps us safe in the palm of her hand,
Live in Beauty, see Her beauty surrounding you,
and your words
your LIFE will be

Equinox, Full Moon, Eostara

This is an auspicious few days! We have an intersection between the Spring (vernal) Equinox (today), a Full Moon (tomorrow), and the official day of celebration for the Goddess Eostara, whose symbols include red, eggs, and bunnies. Officially, this became Easter, the day Jeasus rose from his cave, I think. Funny that the day of fertility, celebrating birth, mothering, and the Goddess should be turned into the day of rebirth-- but keep it's symbolic eggs, bunnies, and dyes.

I know Astarte is usually celebrated around the Winter Solstice, but I truly feel a connection to her today. As if the evening star has some greater significance in the advent of Spring. She, like Eostara, is a mother figure, and Spring is the time of birth, or rebirth of the son and the Sun... Perhaps it is not so strange that I should be drawn to Goddess as Mother at this time, then.

To celebrate, I'll be doing a bit of Spring Cleaning, taking a walk in a truly beautiful garden that bursts with fresh new leaves and growing things, and laughing with an old friend. Today it is my gift to honor the Mother that encourages me to spend time preparing my home and hearth, and to spend time honoring Spring, honoring changes and growth, new possibilities, and Creative Energy. I also intend to devote some time to my crafts today. Mixing ointments for healing, sewing a few final touches onto my latest hand-crafted Tarot Bags for PaganFaire, and of course, loving the bold beauty of the full moon as she bathes me in hope for the future and in the wilde pagan light of my ancestors this night.

The world is full of possibility, and all that is needed is hope, intention, and good living.
Blessings Be.