So I realized a day or two ago that although I am excited to share Wicca with the world, and especially with OTHER WITCHES AND PAGANS... I am not experienced enough to be a teacher. I suspect that teaching others, and helping others find themselves, was my hidden motivation for starting this blog. And it's not the right thing for me to try and do just yet.

So instead, I'm hoping to share the resources I've found, as I sorta started to do already... and let you find your own excellent teacher/facilitator/wisewoman. I'm still looking for mine. I know she'll be there when I'm ready... and I know that before she appears, I really have to work on keeping my eyes open for opportunity. I've run into two wonderful wisemen so far already-- and had other things on my agenda at the time-- and rushed away from each of them. Of course, as soon as I left, I realized my mistake... have you ever noticed it is much easier to move forward with new knowledge than it is to take your new knowledge into the past, and try again at something you already left behind ungraciously? I'm working on it.

I'm so glad to wake up each morning and have the opportunity to be better than I was the day before. And I'm glad that truly wise women know that we are all in the process called learning, and that the best learning often comes from the biggest mistakes. Just ask me about my divorce sometime! Talk about life-changing. But that's another story... or at least, another blog. We all share the same story, really, I think. We just each get to share our unique perspective of the story as it happens. And as perspective changes, so do worlds.

Blessed Be.

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