Full Moon Rising

Tonight is the full moon. Come to think of it, so was last night. Technically, I believe the full moon lasts three nights. As, technically, the new moon does.

And since I've been having a lot of fear, worry, and dread of the future in my mind lately, I'm using my celebration of the full moon as an opportunity to celebrate coming possibilities, and the fruition of my efforts thus far. I'm going to turn those worries into hope, those fears into dreams and that feeling of dread into awareness of my will to make whatever life I want for myself. I'm going to celebrate the Mother Moon. Her beauty, her constance, her enlightenment and illumination of the good in my life, and in my mind, and in my world. Because there is good there. I just haven't been acknowledging or appreciating it lately. And the best way to have more good is to celebrate its existence. So, tonight, I'm going to celebrate.

What a relief to have something to celebrate! What a relief to be planning something positive, and not just fighting for survival and trying not to forget to actually do anything crucial, and worry and... No. Tonight is about joy, abundance, personal strength, and good intention toward my future. Tonight is about Mother Moon.

And later, next week and the week after, in the waning moon phase, I will celebrate Grandmother Crone Moon-- wisdom and rejuvenation of hope, death of fear and decay of worry, the great cycle and the big picture. I will celebrate the cycle of life. Both within my own consciousness, and in this great earth organism of which we are all a part.

I thank the Goddess that no one has the right to take away our ability to celebrate! Our ability to choose a perspective-- happy or sad, realistic or long-range. Our ability to work toward our goals, no matter what the physical or emotional obstacles are to our success. Our acknowledgement of the ABUNDANCE in our lives!

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